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Work Information

Senior IT Project Manager and Applications Developer

Clover Capital Management/Federated Clover Investors

Key responsibilities

End user support

Application development



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Favorite Links

*  Congregation Beth Hakneses Hachodosh

*  LinkedIn - My Profile


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Contact Information

Google Voice

(585) 492-6174

E-mail address

Check me out on LinkedIn

Also check out my Diggs


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Current Projects

Microsoft Visual FoxPro (through version 9)

Microsoft SQL Server (2000 & 2005) Database Design, Stored Procedures & UDFs

Microsoft Outlook Forms/Exchange data link to MS Word

Microsoft .NET learning & developing

Sage Pro Version 7.4 Report customization and upgrades

Microsoft Access/VBA

Microsoft Excel/MS Query

Web Development/ASP

Network Support

Outlook/Exchange support

Home Networking (Wired & Wireless)


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Biographical Information

Born: Brooklyn, NY

Raised: Bayside (Flushing), NY

Current: Rochester, NY

Married: to Joan Hollander (of the Rochester Hollanders)


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Personal Interests

*  Playing: Softball, basketball, racquetball, bowling

*  Watching: Baseball (NY Mets), football (NY Giants)

*  Creative Cooking

*  Reading:

         Stephen King; Nelson DeMille

         Dave Barry

*  TV:

         Big Bang Theory



         NYPD Blue

         The Simpsons



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